Today our society, which is divided between different sects, is full of beliefs contrary to truth. As to all the students upto class 10, elementary knowledge of the subjects like history, geography etc. is given irrespective of his future plan to study a different subject or set of subjects, in the similar manner, elementary knowledge of certain topics should be given to every body irrespective of his future plan.

Elementary questions, the answers to which everyone must know irrespective his field of work

1. What is the importance of Budhi (intelligence) and how can it be sharpened?

2. Evidences are tools used by our intellect (Budhi). What are they?

3. What is the purpose of our life? What are life’s short term & long term goals?

4. What is the most important thing for us to know? Are there other things also, knowledge of which is must for us? What are they?

5. Why should we know God?

6. What is God and what are His qualities? What is the harm of worshipping non-living things as God? Can God do everything? Can He do injustice also?

7. Why should we praise God, pray to God & sit near Him? What all these mean & what benefits are we going to get from all these? What are the correct methods to praise God, pray to Him & sit near Him?

8. Does God take birth?

9. God is called by a number of names like Shiv, Ganesh, Ganpati, Brahma, Vishnu, Luxmi, Sarasvati, Mahadev etc. Is single God called by different names or are there many Gods?

10. What is the methodology to approach God?

11. What is truth?

12. Who are Aryas? Can every human being become Arya? What are the principles, which a man should imbibe before being called Arya?

13. Can existence of God be proved?

14. Why should we read Vedas? What is the importance of correct pronunciation of mantras of Vedas?

15. Do our religious books contain impurities? Why should we believe that there are no impurities in Vedas?

16. What are Jyanyog, Karmyog and Bhaktiyog?

17. What are the steps of Ashtang Yog as given by Maharishi Patanjali?

18. What is Dharm?

19. What is the correlation between logic and faith?

20. What is meant by education?

21. What is meant by gods?

22. What is the relation between Culture and Civilisation ?

23. What do we mean by ‘Indian culture’?

24. What do we mean by Independence? When is dependence right?

25. What is the summary of the ‘Gita’?

26. What is the importance of Money & what is the extent of its importance?

27. We should not be greedy, corrupt etc. & should not do fraud to anybody. But why?

28. What is development? Which method do we use to measure a person’s success and why ?

29. What do we mean by ‘ Tyag’? What is the relation between ‘ Tyag’and ‘Tap’?

30. Can a person stop movement of time? If not, then why so much tension? Why is flowing along the current of time considered bad?

31. What is non-violence?

32. Why should meat not be eaten?

33. Does vegetation have life?

34. What is ‘Jayotish’? How is it related to knowing future? Can future be known? What is the benefit of knowing future?

35. What is the importance of ‘Sandhaya?

36. What is the importance of ‘Havan’?

37. What is the meaningfulness of citing Mantras in Havan?

38. What is the definition of Science and is it limited to laboratories?

39. What are the principles of ‘Karam Philosophy'?

40. What are the necessary elements for creation?




     Because of wrong beliefs regarding the above mentioned Elementary questions, people (& the society) suffer a lot and fail to understand as to how spirituality can help them in their worldly jobs / works.

    By having clarity of views on these topics, we can stop dividing our society in different sects and unite it. CLEAR VIEWS ON THE ABOVE MENTIONED ELEMENTARY QUESTIONS BASED ON TRUTH ARE THE ONLY SOURCE OF UNITING OUR SOCIETY.

    Today, there is no material in our society which can provide answers to all these basic questions at one place.  The purpose of this work is to bring together answers to these basic questions of life at one place. All the answers are based on Vedic thoughts.

     Now, the question arises as to what is the surety that the given answers, which are contrary to todays’ beliefs, are right? In reply to this question, I can say that whatever has been said in the answers to the above said elementary questions are supplementary to each other. This fact can well be known through analytical mind. Despite my effort to give special importance to logic & rationality on all the thoughts, readers may notice shortage or lack of logic & rationality at some places. The reason of this is to avoid evidences in Sanskrit language.


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