Whole Vedic Literature should be viewed as a single entity. Till swami Dayanand every learned person viewed different books of Vedic Literature as separate entities and quarrelled over the issues raised in them. Swami Dayanand realised this folly and could answer all queries regarding Vedic Literature taking / considering it as a single entity or in other words, swami Dayanand only could see the coordination among different books of vedic literature. All Vedas whether it be Rigved, Yajurved, Atharv ved or Samved are 'authorities' by themselves whereas other Vedic Literature is acceptable only if it agrees with Vedas. Swami Dayanand stuck to this truth throughout his life. Though, vedas are considered sacred by every sect of Hinduism, yet there is no unanimity among different sects of Hinduism regarding many spiritual fields. Swami Dayanand clarified many prevalent imbiguities  on various issues on the basis of knowledge contained in vedas. He proved that science is inherent in spiritualism i.e. spiritualism is not devoid of science. He generated a new (new, from the angle of time) insight to look at the vedic mantras. He showed that there lies in vedas answers to all the questions of man, whether that question relates to spirituality, physics, chemistry or any other field of science. By the path shown by him, he didn’t save a few persons from drowning but taught man how to swim.